completed 9.15 – 505-273-1128 – status:rfp – Tom A. – no boot

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Name: Thomas A.

Items: 2 mobo in box gig/asus, white case, psu ares.

Issue described:no boot

Comments: Does not boot, Tom informed: tried both mb, tried mem, tried psu. Used lmi.

Quote: n/a


Work done:

  • Check video out on gpu and cpu = fail
  • Check for shorts on mb = pass
  • Remove cooler to check lmi application = not lmi, maybe icdiamond?
  • Check mb codes = pass. all components in good condition, no shorts, no codes. Maybe cpu not compatible?
  • Confirm cpu compatibility with both mb = cpu is not compatible with either mb. Correct socket, but either motherboards support 8th gen or later. CPU is 6gen

Issue confirmed: incompatible parts

Fix: Purchase compatible motherboard or CPU.


Final Charge: standard diagnosis – $25