Completed 505-554-6989 – status:frp/p – Dustin D. – gx no power

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Name: Dustin Dropinski

Phone: 505-554-6989

Items: asus gx531gw + charger

Issue described: no power

Quote: n/a


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Charger supplies voltage Pass

Laptop boots without battery Fail

Voltage from power to battery Fail

Test for short circuit on a few likely mosfets. The ones I tested were fine. The charger supplies 19-20v as it should, I don’t see any physical damage to the connector. The laptop does not boot with the battery removed, this means the problem is likely unrelated to the battery itself. I can not find power anywhere on the board with the adapter plugged in. This normally indicates a faulty charging port, but I have low confidence that this is the problem in this case. There is no physical damage to the port, and it is soldered securely to the motherboard.

I can find continuity between the + end of the port and the + for the battery, but only momentarily. This is another symptom of a short along the way. I can hear a shock when plugging the adapter in to the plug which confirms that the port is making good contact and further confirms that there is a short somewhere on the motherboard itself. We don’t have the equipment necessary to test the entire board, so this is unfortunately as far as I can test.

Issue: Short on motherboard (unconfirmed, short not located)

Repair options:

  1. I can Replace the power jack. I believe this will not fix the problem. it would be $90 labor + $15 parts.
  2. Replacing the motherboard would be the best option, but the least expensive motherboard I could find for this laptop will cost more than the laptop after labor. Even without labor, it’s about the same.
  3. The best thing I can recommend is to back up your data if you need that done. I can also remove useful parts before putting the laptop back together.. It would be $60 to move your data to a hard drive +$15 for a USB enclosure if needed. No extra charge beyond standard diagnostics if you just want me to pull out the nvme drive and memory sticks.

Amount Due: $25 standard diagnostics (applies toward any repair options) Paid

Always feel free to contact us with any questions or request further details.