Name: Andrea


Items: 3x  laptops, 3x laptop PSU, box of Win disc/key

Issue described: Misc



After reviewing the below information, please click the button below to select your repair options. You may also call or text us any time at 505-585-1669 to complete this process or for any other questions.


Item: Black Dell laptop

Notes: Beyond reasonable repair. This unit indicates motherboard or power delivery malfunction. Motherboard is beyond price of new unit. Data recovery recommended

Fix: Data recovery – $40

Item: Black Dell laptop 2 (with sticky note):

Notes: Unit powers on and gets stuck on windows loading screen. Issue with operating system or internal disk. Internal battery is damaged and will not charge.

Fix: Options:

1) Restore laptop to functional condition: (1) battery $35 + (1) System restore $150 Total $185

2) Data recovery only – $40

Item: HP laptop

Notes: One HP power cord is missing its grounding plug, the other also seems to not function. Unit powers on and boots to Windows with new charger.

Fix: Replace charger – $30

Please note that any data recovery options will require at least 1 flash drive, or external hard drive large enough to hold the data. One can be purchased for $23, or you may bring your own. If you bring your own, please allow reasonable time for us to transfer the data.