MuTechy Club is a monthly membership that allows gaming access for up to 40 hours. You may not purchase additional passes within 30 days. MuTechy Club is discontinued, if you have an existing membership, it will be cancelled at the end of the billing period.

Club TOS

a “MuTechy Club” membership is a discontinued pricing that is offered “as is” under special circumstances. As such, we reserve the right to cancel any membership for any reason at any time. The membership pricing is designed to give an incredible discount to regular gamers who show respect to our business and generate minimal labor on our behalf. As such, rules that do not apply to our normal pricing are in effect. To summarize;

1) You must not use the membership for profit of any capacity. MuTechy membership is not meant to be a replacement for an office space.

2) You must not take shelter at MuTechy using a membership. Popping in to play some games on a rainy day is no problem. An issue may arise if MuTechy is your only means of shelter. Basically, MuTechy is not a hotel.

3) You must have a means to leave. MuTechy membership is not a daycare. Leaving any person who does not have the means of transportation to leave at any time, is not permitted.

Remember, these rules do not apply to our normal pricing. All of these things are perfectly permitable when you pay our standard fee. This is a summary of MuTechy membership rules. For specific details on these rules please keep reading.

By signing up for a membership, you agree to abide by the following rules:

You are subject to monitoring by Warden(tm) systems. Warden is developed by GGC and all relevant privacy information can be found on the respective pages.

While monitored by Warden, Warden will detect and automatically disable your devices during a membership under, but not limited to, the following situations;

1) Malicious distribution – The distribution of any data for malicious purposes.

2) Monetary – Use of services for monetary gain. This may involve activities that generate profit directly, or via 3rd party transactions.

3) Intrusion – Attempting to compromise any system owned by MuTechy or other entity.

4) Ban evasion – Using MuTechy IP addresses to evade a ban from any source.

5) Warden evasion – Using a vpn or other encryption methods to hide activities from Warden