By leaving any device in the possession of MuTechy LLC for services, you agree to the following terms.

  • Any device (including any accessories) left for repair, diagnostics, or any other services offered by MuTechy LLC is the sole property of MuTechy LLC until the agreed upon services are paid in full. MuTechy LLC will keep devices with unpaid balances for up to 30 days after notifying that the services are complete and the device is ready for pick up. MuTechy LLC will notify you via text message to the number you give us at intake. Devices in our possession with an unpaid balance for greater than 30 days will no longer be payable, and the device will remain property of MuTechy LLC.
  • MuTechy LLC is not responsible for loss of any data on any devices left for service.
  • MuTechy LLC is not responsible for further damage caused by additional wear caused during regular service procedures.