Remote Support FAQ

This sounds scary, how do I know personal info won’t be taken?

Remote access sounds scarier than it actually is. It’s no different than allowing a tech to sit in front of your computer with you standing right behind them. You will be able to see exactly what your tech is doing and can always stop the remote session if you feel uncomfortable.

Why do you use Google Chrome? My company uses Logmein/TeamViewer/something else.

While those solutions are good for in-house tech support, they pose a significant security risk to the end user in contracted tech support. These programs are designed with cross-account based access in mind. Meaning that anyone supporting you can silently grant themselves permanent access to your system. Because MuTechy is focused on security, we will never create known vulnerabilities with any software we create or use on your systems.

I’m really good with computers and know how to secure LogMeIn/TeamViewer/Something else, can we use it in that case?

Glad to hear it! Our techs are pretty good with computers too :). We would never want to put you in a situation where being savvier than someone else is your main defense. MuTechy is a security company and we lead by example, security through practice wins over security through trust.

I’m really busy, can you do all of this while I’m away?

We do not advise you to give anyone full access to your computer while unattended. We require you to be present while we initiate the remote connection and acknowledge a few prompts. After that, while not recommended, it is out of our control if you choose to leave. If your tech needs information from you to proceed and is unable to contact you, they will end the session until you are once again available.

How quickly can you provide Remote Support?

Tue-Sat 9am-9pm within 24 hours of request. On average, we will respond much quicker (within 2 hours).

My Internet connection isn’t working, can you come and fix it?

Remote Support comes with 1 free on-site check per 30 days to repair any connectivity issues. If you are experiencing more frequent problems than that, we recommend switching to our on-site assistance package.