We are generally pretty relaxed and like to let everyone do as they please, but we need to lay down some ground rules to make sure MuTechy is a comfortable place for everyone.

Regarding People

Respect others: This is pretty vague, but I’m sure you get the idea. Don’t make anyone feel bad.

Excessive yelling and screaming: We understand that there may be the occasional excited or heated outburst while gaming, but please refrain from excessive noise that can disturb other gamers, customers, and our neighboring businesses.

No weapons: Open carrying of any weapon is not allowed. If you want to bring a prop that’s part of a costume or anything like that, you must request pre-approval via our phone number (txt only) or contact us form.

Be cool ?: Yep, that’s a requirement. Don’t worry though, coming to MuTechy automatically makes you ?.

Regarding Machines

No viewing of excessive nudity or gore: Pretty vague again, but I’m sure most people have the common sense to understand what is or isn’t acceptable in public. If you aren’t sure about something, just ask. Either through discord, the contact form, or in person. Secret code: “gman” Remember this code, you won’t be able to finish registration without it.

Do not damage our hardware: You may not open our computers. You may not use excessive force on our peripherals. This one seems obvious, but just in case there’s someone out there who thinks we’re ok with them breaking our stuff, we aren’t.

No greasy foods: If you are using a keyboard, mouse, or headset that we provide, we do not allow you to eat greasy or messy finger foods/snacks. Nobody likes using a slimy mouse or keyboard. We will provide a table for you to eat at instead. If you bring your own devices, feel free to do whatever makes you happy.

Drinks on coasters: Keep your drink on the coasters during all times you aren’t actively drinking from it. The coasters are placed in areas that we decided pose the lowest risk of spilling. Do not move the coasters.